Extend Enjoyment and Increase Security of Your Outdoor Spaces with Custom Landscape Lighting

Cider Mill Landscapes provides custom low voltage landscape lighting that will enhance the beauty of your home and landscape, as well as increase your safety and security.

Landscape Lighting – Your Nightscape Options

There are many options and uses for landscape lighting. Most people are familiar with floodlights that illuminate large areas, such as entranceways, parking areas and patios. However, other options include path lights along walkways create a welcoming glow, garden lighting to boost the hours you can enjoy your blooms, water feature lighting to increase safety and functionality of your outdoor water feature of pool, as well as lighting your steps at night—just for starters!  Through our expertise, and by utilizing the latest in LED low voltage lighting technology, we are able to create a whole new perspective and level of enjoyment to our clients’ landscaping and curb appeal. Our systems are both energy efficient, beautiful and create breathtaking nighttime appeal to homes all across the Main Line, Delaware County and Wilmington Delaware areas.

Water feature lighting

Cider Mill Landscape, along with our sister company, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley can design and install outdoor lighting that will enhance and beautify your home and landscape. Whether you are creating a calming courtyard in the front of your home or an inviting oasis in your backyard, your property is a reflection of your personal aesthetic. Today, our homes are more than just a the walls and what is inside, with little thought given to the landscape but some token plantings. Rather, every aspect of our property is an extension of ourselves and the way we utilize outdoor lighting has a profound effect not only on curb appeal, but also on the welcoming first impression we give to our neighbors, friends and families. Well-illumined landscapes, front and back are the key to extending the full potential of your property!

Garden lighting

Outdoor lighting is all about the effect, not the fixtures, but that doesn’t mean we skimp on the fixtures. Every wire, fixture and bulb we use has undergone extensive development and is manufactured with the utmost care. The proof is in the details: corrosion-proof fixtures, bulbs that deliver the brightest effect and the thickest wire used in the outdoor lighting industry.

Landcape Lighting Options

You can feel the craftsmanship of the heavy-gauge, corrosion-resistant metals used in our fixtures. They will hold up beautifully in harsh outdoor environments. Our accent lighting fixtures are made from copper and brass so they will not corrode like aluminum or other metal fixtures. They age beautifully to a patina finish to blend in naturally with your landscaping. The quality is unmistakable.

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