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At Cider Mill we are happy to help you work on your landscape in stages as your budget and time allows. Sometimes, doing the work in steps lets you stand back and consider exactly how you will utilize the space or even re-imagine an area entirely. We are a ONE STOP SHOP for outdoor landscape design and lighting. You don’t have to corral an army of contractors together to complete a plan. We can take on the entire project so that you only deal with one company from beginning to end—from hardscape, outdoor structures, plants, water features, lighting and more.

You don’t have to worry about calling stone masons, garden centers, electricians, the cement truck and driving yourself crazy making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to do. We can do it all for you with a SINGLE point of contact! There is just one company to call that does it all for you no matter how big or small your outdoor project.

Media PA landscape design enhanced through outdoor lighting

We can tackle pretty much any idea you can dream up for your outdoor landscape. If you want someone to install trees, shrubs and plants, have one of our trained horticulturalists do the delicate work of selective and rejuvanative pruning; or build outdoor living enhancements to boost your lifestyle such as an outdoor kitchen or fire places, a gazebo or pergola, a stone patio or a cool water feature—we are the only place you need to call to do it all.

We can then add gorgeous illumination with professional outdoor lighting that not only adds beauty and showcases your new design, but will also offer nighttime practicality so your improvements can be enjoyed day or night thanks to our partnership with our sister company, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley.

Outdoor Kitchen Installation

When you see what we can do to transform one area of your yard and see how much more usable and attractive it can look—you will come to the same conclusion as many of our previous clients who repeatedly call us back to continue to alter their landscape so their outdoor lifestyle can benefit from the changes. It also adds tremendous value to your property as improved outdoor spaces increase the livability of your home. Do not waste your time and money trying to deal with multiple contractors when you can simply have it all with one reputable company—Cider Mill Landscapes.

Landscape DesignThe best part of using JUST ONE company for your outdoor projects that can work on a multitude of different areas is that when it comes time to augment your design, we already know how everything was constructed. There is no guessing game or concerns about what we are going to run into. Even better, we are already familiar with your property, plants and materials and design goals, so we can ensure that you will have one cohesive and unified look that will continue throughout. We will be able to use the very same stone, foliage, cement color and anything else that was utilized previously so the look and feel remains as part of the plan and doesn’t have a jarring effect due to the use of materials that don’t match exactly as intended. We also grow all our plants, shrubs and trees in our very own nursery so we know that it is high quality and will do well in our area.

So, if you want to ensure your outdoor landscape projects fit your lifestyle give Cider Mill Landscapes a call at 484.574.4666.

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Landscape Design

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