Hardscaping & Drainage Project

Hardscaping, Walkway, Drainage, Lighting
Backyard Hardscaping and Drainage Project

A beautiful solution to solve a severe drainage problem and steeply sloped yard!

We were contracted by a great family in Broomall, Pa to help them make the most of their problematic yard. The yard had some serious drainage issues that were remedied by an underground drainage system that was installed in conjunction with the hardscaping.

By creating two distinct spaces, the steeply sloped backyard was no longer a problem and with a good amount of grading and the creation of a barely noticeable swale, the water wasn’t either.

We worked with the homeowners to get them the newest in materials and kept the design clean and airy.  LED low voltage lighting was installed too, not only for safety but so that the new space can be enjoyed well into the evening. Along with 2 new landscaped beds, the spacious patio is perfect for entertaining and relaxing!

Project Images

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