Boulder Retaining Wall

Stream bridges with Alverson boulders and granite slabs.

The clients fought to maintain their steep, problematic hillside for years.  It was unsightly, and nothing could be done with the space.  He also needed more parking spots for his children and visitors.  

We excavated the steep hillside and designed and installed a two tiered retaining wall totaling almost 8 feet in height. The wall was custom built and had spiraling natural steps built into it for easy access to the back entrance.  The newly installed walls provided and new 20’ by 20’ additional parking area once the asphalt was installed.

Plants were installed around to boulders and steps to provide more aesthetic appeal, and soften the look of the massive boulders.  LED low voltage lighting was also installed.  Pathway lights staggered up the steps provided safety at night, and the dimly up lit stone walls provided a subtle night time curb appeal and additional security in the dark.

Retaining Wall
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