Keep Your Landscape Healthy and Looking its Best. With the Care of Our Garden Maintenance Services.

We can ensure your garden landscape remains at its highest level of beauty and health. These include replacement of annuals, routine fertilization, removal of weeds, and mulching.

Garden Maintenance Service with Care

Our garden maintenance services include regular garden care and selective rejuvenate hand pruning.

Cider Mill will help you choose the best specimens for your landscape design. We will professionally install them, and we can maintain your plants.

Establishing a new landscape or improving upon an existing one is just the beginning. Once planted your landscape will need maintenance. We keep your flowers and plants blooming and flourishing season after season.

Garden Maintenance Schedules

Our garden maintenance services consist of monthly to semi-annual visits. We make sure specimens are appropriately trimmed, fed, nurtured and winterized with care. These elements are important to keep your plantings healthy and productive.

Many homeowners don’t consider the long-term implications of planting trees and shrubs. They assume the plants thrive for years. With nothing more than shearing, fertilizer and some water.

Pruning Garden Maintenance

You can make a significant investment in planting and landscape materials. Only to have them appear leggy and skimpy. Due to overcrowding and lack of pre-planning or routine maintenance.

During the appropriate season for pruning, Cider Mill Landscapes uses hand tools. We carefully select which limbs and branches to remove based on the plant type and the shape desired. This is part of our selective rejuvenate pruning service.

Areas around Media, Garnet Valley, Glen Mills, Swarthmore, PA, and Wilmington, DE, are zone 6. This means your landscape suffers harsh winters with snow and ice that wreck plants. Meanwhile, the warm season’s high heat and humidity invite pests and disease.

We Can Bring Your Overgrown Landscape Back to Life

Don’t remove or replace large specimens and legacy plants. Our horticulturists will assess and prune shrubs and trees to reduce their size. Improving their appearance to help them become an asset to your landscape.

Our selective rejuvenation pruning works with the natural structure of the plant. Allowing it to maintain its expected and natural shape. We also remove targeted branches and diseased or unwanted trees. Allowing sunlight through and circulating air into the center of the specimen. Encouraging growth from the middle rather than on the outer tips.

Foliage then grows evenly through the shrub or tree and gives it a much healthier and natural look. When we remove certain branches it encourages new growth and budding. Keeping chronic diseases at bay.

Cider Mill Landscapes can also replace or install foundation drainage. Protecting your home and soil from water damage.

Our horticulturists can also conduct a soil analysis and cultural survey. This information allows them to make the best recommendations on how to improve the soil. As well as where to place plants for the best performance and growth. Our team can add any amendments needed to the soil, and hand dig to move plants to a more suitable area.

Let Cider Mill Landscapes handle your outdoor landscape design, installation, and maintenance. We can nurture the finest specimens within your existing landscape. Promoting an established, refined feel. Giving you the outdoor ambiance you seek in your landscape.

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