Nightscape Lighting for Beauty, Functionality, and Security

When the sun goes down, can you still enjoy your garden and outdoor living areas? Yes you can, with nightscape lighting. Nightscape lighting accents focal points, creates interesting shadows and adds an inviting ambience to your garden. Not only does nightscape lighting add beauty to your landscape, it increases its usability and safety.

You can create an inviting glow along sidewalks, pathways and driveways with path lights. This type of nightscape lighting throws spreading pools of light for better visibility and safety when walking or driving. In addition to providing light, nightscape lighting can add a decorative element to your landscape. You can choose from a wide selection of shapes for the shades of your path lights, such as bells, half-moons or mushrooms, flowers, leaves, shells, pagodas and lanterns.

To illuminate outdoor areas with a natural looking light, you can use downlights. You can place this type of nightscape lighting above a seating area so you can enjoy outdoor relaxation after sundown. You can also use downlights above entranceways for extra security.

You can use nightscape lighting to accent or highlight a special feature of your landscape – a fountain, a sign, an architectural detail, or even an interestingly shaped tree or shrub. You can accentuate an object with backlights that are placed on the ground behind the object and shine upwards to silhouette the lighted object.

Uplights are another type of nightscape lighting that you can use to emphasize special elements in your landscape. You place uplights on the ground in front of an object so the light projects a shadow of the object onto a plain wall. You can also use uplights to wash a wall with soft white or colored light. In addition to these common types of nightscaping lights, you can add interest and beauty to your landscape with shaped lights, tiki torches and underwater lights for pools. So let your light shine and explore the many types of nightscape lighting that are available.

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