Sparkling water and soothing sounds, what could be more beautiful than adding a waterscape, water garden, or custom water feature.

Welcome your guests with the calming sounds. We can make a fountain out of your favorite birdbath, large vase, or other sentimental item.

Waterscapes, Water Gardens and Custom Water Features

We can design and install all types of water gardens enliven and enhance your gardens and landscape. We will construct your waterscape with your choice of flagstones, rocks or boulders. Our horticultural experts will select the best plants to grow in and around your water gardens, while their trained lighting crews will install landscape lighting to enhance your custom water features and plants.

The Tranquil Entry

Welcome your guests with the calming sounds of a bubbler fountain set in a millstone or boulder near the entranceway to your home. Or place a small rippling waterfall along the walkway to your house. Any type of waterscape will be a pleasing vista for you and your guests approaching your home.

The Spa-Inspired Outdoor Living Space

You can add a fountain or waterfall to your patio or deck to create a naturally serene and relaxing spa-inspired area. Water gardens of water plants, such as lotus and water lilies, can form a beautiful focus point for your outdoor living area. As an added benefit, the sound of the moving water will help to mask sounds from neighbors, passersby and traffic.

The Focal Point of Your Landscape

If you want a larger waterscape as the setting for a separate outdoor living area, you can combine a water garden with a bubbler fountain or a single or multi-level waterfall. Water gardens with lush plants provide a habitat for small wildlife, such as frogs, turtles and dragonflies. A selection of goldfish and or koi will create brilliant streaks of gold and orange as they dart through the water. You can add a pergola to provide shade near your waterscape oasis, chairs for relaxing and a table set for dining al fresco.

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