Looking for ideas for that outdoor space in your backyard?

Have you considered a backyard fire pit? You’ll be able to:

  • Extend hours you can use your backyard
  • Use of your backyard year round
  • Provide a great look
  • Provide a place for family and friends to gather

What is a Fire Pit

Fire pits come in different sizes, shapes, and styles, ranging from fire pit tables to fire bowls. A fire pit is a pit dug in the ground containing fire; or a structure of metal, stone and brick, burning with gas. They are designed in such a way that the fire is prevented from spreading.

Types of Fire Pits

The most common form of fire pits are the ready-made ones and they are purchased in stores. However, there are home-made fire pits constructed by digging a hole in the ground, and lining it with stone, bricks, and metals.

Fuel is supplied using natural gas, propane, ethanol, wood, or charcoal. The use of wood is usually restricted because of fire bans and fume emissions. On the other hand, propane and natural gas burners are certified under American national standard (ANSI), as well as European (CE) and Canadian (CSA) standards.

The Benefits of Fire Pits

Backyard fire pits are used for many purposes which include:

  1. Warmth: A fire pit is a source of heat and can therefore be used to keep warm in a chilly weather. You can get the most heat from fire pits that use wood as source of fuel. It can also be used at night in summer for relaxation. All you need to do is to be safety conscious by positioning the fire pit far from any inflammable object. You must also make sure you extinguish the fire after you are through with the fire pit.
  2. Aesthetics: A fire pit can be used to upgrade and improve the outdoor living space. Whether it is a fire pit table, ordinary fire pit, or permanent fire pit, the elegance and beauty that a well-designed fire pit provides is always good to behold.
  3. For Cooking: Wood burning fire pits are usually the best for cooking, but not all of them can be so used. You also need extra fire pit accessories to enjoy cooking with fire pits. Gas fire pits, on the other hand, are not good for cooking. Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, gas fire pits should therefore not be used for cooking.
  4. Entertainment: Fire pits can be designed for outdoor gatherings and entertainments. Fire pit tables are the best to use for this purpose. You can creatively design your outdoor to be almost as functional as your living room, with entertainment equipment like sofas, television, speakers etc. along with your fire pit. Family and friends can come together outside to have fun and entertainment.
  5. Extra Outdoor Feature: Fire pits can compliment other outdoor features like fountains and swimming pools. They are particularly being used inside or beside pools.

What to Consider Before You Choose a Fire Pit

There are certain things to consider in selecting the best and safe fire pit for your home. They include the following:

  1. Community Regulations: Many communities have regulations guiding the installation of fire pits. Check for the one that applies to your area. There may be some restrictions in your area; check with city authorities or the police department before purchasing your fire pit.
  2. Permanent or Portable Installation: wood or gas burning; and the type of material to use. If you are looking for less expensive and movable fire pit, the portable type is your choice. The choice of wood burning type depends on available adequate ventilation to burn the wood, and it is also a matter of personal preference. In choosing the type of material, you need to consider resistance to rust, ability to retain heat, and the type of design you want.
  3. Type of Wood and Stone: Choose the right type of wood or stone that is comfortable for family and friends. The use of cherry wood with its pleasant smell can be amazing; coupled with the fact that it does not produce sparks like pine and other softer types of wood. Furthermore, you must avoid pressed woods, as they emit toxins.

    In the case of gas fire pits, fire glass or lava rocks are recommended. Don’t make use of river rocks or the stones you collect outside on your own. They may contain water, and when heated, the rock will explode.

  4. Location is important: The location for your fire pit should be strategically planned. The fire pit must be at least ten feet from the house (depending on city regulations). You also need to provide about a six foot diameter, so that guests may sit around the fire pit safely. You must also consider the direction of the wind in locating your fire pit. If flames and smoke are blowing on people’s face, no one will be comfortable to enjoy the warmth of the fire.
  5. Take precaution: You can maximize the enjoyment of your fire pit by taking a few extra precautionary measures. In case your fire pit is not equipped with screens to minimize the effect of sparks and ash, endeavor to purchase one for the comfort and enjoyment of your family and guests.
  6. Proper maintenance: Maintenance is essential as usage continues. If yours is a permanent fire pit, adequate drainage system must be in place to keep it dry. You can also enhance the longevity of both your portable and permanent fire pits by purchasing a cover to protect it from the elements. Furthermore, you need to regularly clean it with soap and water, using a metal brush.

Great Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Simple Brick Design Fire Pit

This is constructed with the use of bricks and it is quite cost effective as you can have one with $300 or less. It is quite good for late evening gathering.

Flagstone Fire Ring

This fire pit makes use of flagstones for its design and has the capacity to gather many friends and family. It costs more than the brick design and can entertain more guest than the brick fire pit.

Pirate Ship Fire Pit

Pirate ship fire pit is made up of elaborate design that can provide a really good time for your guests.

Cowboy Cauldron Fire Pit

Cowboy Cauldron fire pits consists of some of the biggest and real cool fire pits that can be found on the market. They are made from steel and can be expensive.

Jacuzzi Fire Pit

They are designed by Paragon Pools that is noted for producing unique fire pits near pools. The pits are classic, and are designed to keep you warm as you step out of the pool.

Stone Bar Fire Pit

Stone fire pit is made to combine with a bar on fire pit designs.

Bowl of Fire

This fire pit is made with some concrete and an old bowl.

Diamond Plated Fire Pit

Diamond plated pit is portable, but needs an angle grinder. You will need to learn how to use an angle grinder.

Grocery Cart Fire Pit

Grocery cart fire pit is a portable fire pit that makes use of wood as fuel. It is less expensive.

Patio Table Fire Pit

This is an awesome, portable backyard fire pit that can be placed almost anywhere. It however requires a working knowledge with propane heating.

In-Ground Fire Pits

These outdoor fire pit ideas utilize wood and are especially safe for use in summer months.

Cowboy Cauldron Fire Pit

Cowboy cauldron fire pit are made of steel and are quite expensive. They are however capable of hosting large parties.

Swedish Torch Fire Pit

The Swedish torch fire pit is a portable fire pit that is quite easy to build. It is a remarkable fire pit in the sense that the fire burns from the inside out, making the heat to last for hours.

Folding Fire Pit

This fire pit is made of stainless steel and is quite portable as it weighs just about 3 pounds. It can be mounted very fast in 30 seconds. It is well designed to hold fire safely, keeping away flames from the ground.

Flower Power Fire Pit

This is a pint-sized, portable fire pit. It is quite good for making your marshmallows and chocolate into crackers.

Free-Standing Pagoda Fire Pit

Free-standing Pagoda is a heavy fire pit of about 50 pounds. It is however very durable, and requires little maintenance.

Cover and Carry Fire Pit

This fire pit has a convenient carrying handle and cover that makes it to be very portable.

Sultan of Flame Fire Pit

Sultan of flame fire pit is made of cast concrete, filled with fine beads or lava rock. It is either designed to start manually, or by push button ignition.

Foursquare Fire Pit

This is made of metal, with a simple design of a square ring shape. This keeps the fire contained adequately, and it can be placed anywhere in your backyard.

The Hot Box Fire Pit

This fire pit is a combination of sheet metal braided with steel to make it a unique fire pit. Hence it is called “The Hot Box.”

Fire Picnic Table

This fire pit is a good backyard addition consisting of a propane tank which supplies the fuel to provide heat that makes you enjoy an extended summer.

Fire Table Fire Pit

Fire Table Fire Pit is a less expensive fire pit that can make a beautiful addition to your backyard landscape. It is stylishly designed to you a happy relaxation with your guests.

Pyro Tower Fire Pit

This fire pit doubles as a smoker. It’s quite heavy at about 200 pounds, and it is designed to allow for smoking, cooking, baking, and grilling.

Other fire pit ideas include:

Groovebox Propane Fire Table
Easy Backyard Fire Pits
DIY Square Fire Pit
Washer tub Fire Pit
Wooden Fire Pit
Down Under Fire Pit
Mini Fire Bowl Fire Pit
Death Star Fire Pit
Cubist Thought Fire pit
Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Considering a DIY Backyard Fire Pit?

If you’re thinking of doing a more elaborate DIY backyard fire pit project make sure it is constructed on a flat level, at least 25 feet from your home, using fireproof materials.

That said, the construction is strictly done in compliance with local building codes. You must therefore know the regulations governing the construction of one in your area, before you embark on the construction in your backyard. A fire pit essentially performs the task of a campfire, but more elaborately, and in a better regulated and safer manner.

This is why it is recommended you have professionals such as Cider Mill Landscapes install your fire pit.

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