With warmer weather, shrubs and trees are beginning to sprout new leaves and even some flowers. Now is a good time for you to check your plants for damaged or broken limbs and branches caused by winter storms, snow and ice.

Cracks and breaks in the limbs and branches affect the shape and usefulness of your plants. In addition, damaged areas provide an entryway for diseases and insects that can stress your trees and shrubs, and possibly lead to their death.

The horticultural experts at Cider Mill Landscapes can help you determine the best pruning options to return your plants to health and beauty. They use hand tools to carefully prune your shrubs and trees to enhance their shape and encourage vigorous new growth.
Cider Mill Landscapes horticulturists will remove damaged, broken or decayed limbs and branches that may become infested with pests or infected with diseases. They will also remove limbs and branches that are rubbing each other or crossed over each other, which can lead to damage in the bark that can provide an entryway for diseases and pests.

In addition, the Cider Mill Landscapes horticulturists use selective rejuvenate hand pruning to restore overgrown shrubs and trees to a more natural shape and size. They carefully assess the plants and choose which branches and limbs to remove based on the plant type and form. Selective rejuvenate hand pruning is done at the proper time for each type of plant.

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