Last Updated February 24, 2018

Greet guests with a unique, custom designed stone mailbox that will add beauty and value to your home. You can select the style of your mailbox, as well as the color and texture of the stone, to match or contrast your home. You can use a combination of materials. Such as rows of different colored or textured stones to accent and add interest to your stone mailbox. If your home has arched windows or doorways, you can opt for a stone mailbox with a standard or a flattened arch (called an eyebrow arch). You may want a flat-topped mailbox if you have a modern home, or a gable-roofed mailbox if your home is colonial in style. You can use a flat-topped or gable-roofed mailbox with a traditional style home.

Your custom stonework mailbox can be built to accommodate a standard or oversize box and one or more paper boxes. You can include a flat area on the side or above your stone mailbox for your house number and/or name. You can add a planter box on one or both sides of the mailbox, as well as a built-in electrical or solar lighting fixture. In addition, you can have your mailbox built into your stone fence or driveway entrance wall for a seamless look.

Built of flat-stacked stones or irregularly shaped rocks and mortar, stone mailboxes are almost indestructible and will last for years. The ones constructed of flat-stacked stones will become stronger as gravity causes the stones to settle and tighten. When constructed properly, stone mailboxes will not sink or topple over. Stones are weather-resistant and will not deteriorate, rot or fade. In addition, stones are non-toxic and completely recyclable.

With unlimited design options, a stone mailbox is a creative way to add curb appeal to your home. If you have a project in mind, contact us at, or fill out our free consultation form.

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