Last Updated June 26, 2020

Consider a pear tree in your PA landscape design

Sometimes trees and plants have a special added bonus that can bring a healthy and tasty harvest to your table—fruits and nuts! The next time you decide to plant an additional tree, shrub or vine in your garden consider the idea of adding one in that does only look beautiful but can bring your family edible delights that are perfect for nutritious snacking on. Trees such as peach, apple, and cherry are not just gorgeous trees in the landscape thanks to their stunningly fragrant and pretty spring blossoms and incredible fall color; they will also bear scrumptious fruit that your family can enjoy picking and eating in a whole host of ways. You can make pies, jellies, and jams or pick them right off the tree to eat as is.

Nut trees such as English Walnut, Elliot Pecan and several almond varieties will do just fine in our zone 6 areas of Media, Garnet Valley, Glen Mills, Swarthmore and Wilmington in Delaware–and yield a bounty that will make your taste buds dance when sprinkled on your morning breakfast cereal. They are fun to harvest with the kids and crack into for a healthy snack at any hour. We have many culinary oriented customers that incorporate edible herbs into their yards to use for their daily cooking adventures, too. Parsley, rosemary, thyme, and many more herbs can be used to season endless meals to add bold flavor. Why use dried spices from a jar when you can grow them right in your own backyard?

Growing your own grapes to make wine at home is divine!

If vines are your thing, then grapes have awesome appeal when grown on a sturdy pergola to support them. You get the instant feel of Italy when dining under a spectacular grape vine bursting with fruit that can be used in a variety of recipes, can be dried for raisins, or even be cultivated to make wine! We have a customer who just integrated hops into his landscape since he is a home beer brewer. We also have many clients ask us to plant blueberries into their garden beds since they not only look beautiful on their very own, but you get the windfall of yummy berries that are rich with antioxidants and vitamins.

Trees, shrubs, and vines in your garden give you the opportunity to grow things organically. You know exactly where your food is coming from and you can know your family is safe from the unnecessary use of harmful pesticides. Additionally, you are helping the environment as your garden becomes a pit stop for birds and bees that will help cross-pollinate your bounty with others around you. This helps ensure that you get an even bigger yield of goodies!

An apple a day will keep the doctor away!

If you fancy yourself a home cook, the opportunity for a farm to table harvest will leave you delirious with opportunities to feed your family at virtually any meal. Everything from desserts such as pies, cakes, and homemade ice cream are fair game when your fruits and nuts arrive. Home canners can rejoice at the jellies and jams that will fill their cupboards thanks to ripe fruit that comes straight from their garden. If herbal remedies are your thing, don’t hesitate to plant Lavender since it’s well known to reduce headaches when steeped in a tea, is a wonderful sleep aid that helps lull you deep into dreams and can be used in everything from making candles and even delicious smelling sachets to perfume your home.

Beyond the bloom, peach trees bestow sweet fruit to your PA table!

Let Cider Mill Landscapes help you plant an edible garden landscape. These trees, shrubs, and vines can easily be assimilated within your normal landscape so you get a natural look without looking like you are on a farm. We can cohesively intertwine ornamentals and flowers along with fruit-bearing vines and nut trees with a unified look that still feels very much like an elegant landscape.

Contact us today to get your trees in the ground NOW as fall is the best time to plant your farm to table garden! If you are in the Media PA, Garnet Valley PA, Glen Mills PA, Rose Valley PA, Swarthmore PA, and Wilmington area in Delaware, contact us at 484.574.4666, or you can email us at for your free consultation.

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