Last Updated February 18, 2018

Plant NOW for Plants and Trees that will Flourish in Spring! Just a Few More Weeks Before the Ground Gets too Cold and Hard!

If you are thinking about planting a brand new landscape or enhancing your existing one, NOW is the time to kick it into gear! Fall is the absolutely PERFECT time to plant as the days are still warm and the evenings are cool which promotes excellent root growth to get your shrubbery and trees started off on the right foot. It’s way better to plant in autumn than it is in spring, so don’t miss out on this opportune time to revamp your garden beds and put in that ornamental tree you’ve been hankering for.

Our planting schedule at Cider Mill Landscapes is filling with appointments, so don’t wait to give us a call and hop on the bandwagon to get your plants in the ground. The availability of prized trees, shrubs and highly chased after perennials are starting to disappear, so make sure you grab what you want now before they’re all gone for winter and the ground gets too hard and cold to dig into.

Planting now ensures that what you put in the ground at this time will be popping with color and blooming at spring time. What we plant now will go into a dormant state soon, which is a beneficial resting period for your newly acquired plant. In the spring months, they will be ready to burst with new foliage and flowers that will dazzle in the garden. So take advantage of this ideal time to plant so that your investment pays off and your plants and trees have their best chance of not only surviving—but flourishing! Pests, diseases and insects are also at their lowest levels in the fall and winter, so tender transplanted shrubs and perennials don’t have to suffer through those issues either.

If roses are a desire for their color and aroma, the most suitable time to plant them is now in the fall. We can provide you with an array of options from heirloom varieties to our favorite Knockout Roses for their ease of care and their ability to fight off ailments such as pesky black spot disease and fungus. Choose from ruby red, bubble gum pink or yellow hues for your garden and you will be rewarded with early flowers come spring. Get them in the ground now for bouquets full of blooms you can bring indoors all summer long.

If a handsome Japanese maple is on your hit list as a must have tree for your garden, then right now is the best time to get one in the ground. These investment trees have a long life expectancy when planted at the correct time of season by a professional. Maples and other trees can be quite large to transport and maneuver into place, and you don’t want to risk damaging the root system or putting it in a spot with too much sunlight that could burn their delicate leaves. Let our horticulture specialists take the guess out of the right location for your plants depending on whether they prefer sun or shade, or a dry location or one with more moisture. We can help you select plants and trees that are deer resistant if these critters are an unavoidable pest in your area. Our goal is to give you the most value for your investment and not waste your money on plants that may not be a fit for your specific property. Let us guide you in making the right choices so your garden thrives!

Contact us today to make the landscape of your dreams a reality this calendar year! If you are in the Media PA, Garnet Valley PA, Glen Mills PA, Rose Valley PA, Swarthmore PA and Wilmington area in Delaware, give us a call at 484.574.4666, you can email us at, or fill out our free landscaping consultation form.

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