Cider Mill Landscapes Nursery Welcomes Colorful Spring!

Cider Mill Landscapes NurserySpring is in full bloom at Cider Mill Landscapes, especially within our nursery — that’s right, I said “our nursery.” Here at Cider Mill Landscapes we have our very own nursery facility encompassing over 20 acres of family owned land, with 7+ acres solely designated to our nursery. This isn’t something we just jumped into; this is something we have GROWN into through our history. In fact, our name originated from the property being known as “Cider Mill Orchards” until the 1970’s.

Unlike other landscape design firms, we grow much of what we plant, we know exactly what works best for our zone 6 planting area. We can ensure that what we put in the ground for you is matched for our temperate climate so that it thrives. Our standards are strict and we don’t deal in 2nd or 3rd grade plants.

Cider Mill Landscapes NurseryWe believe in providing our customers with high-quality, dependable plants that will become a part of your landscape for years. We don’t use suppliers who haphazardly ship in huge box trucks where plants are stuck in improper conditions with no water or sunlight for days on end, we grow our own varieties that we know are a match for our area and will have a high survival rate and look stunning as part of your landscape. We have a huge assortment of trees, shrubs and plants that are cared for by our licensed horticulturist and a team of experts that are trained in their care. We even instill the use of a holganix irrigation system that hydrates and feeds our plants in the proper amounts and at the proper time giving them their best start.

Keep in mind, that our nursery plants are beautiful year-round, but during the spring and summer is when many selections are at their height of color. When the moment arrives when our specimens are blooming in harmony is probably the most magical time of the year, with diverse textures and a plethora of colors…take a look at what is in bloom now within our nursery…

Cider Mill Landscapes Nursery Spring Blooms

Even our canine consultant, Boose, enjoys the blooms at the nursery!

Even our canine consultant, Boose, enjoys the blooms at the nursery!

…from hosta to hollies and everything in between Cider Mill Landscapes raises and nurtures the finest specimens for use in our landscape designs. At our 7-acre facility we take great care in breeding plants that meet high standards and give our homeowners lots of choices to get quality plants not available anywhere else. We do what it takes to offer our customers plants that can stand the test of time.

Come see what we grow! Let Cider Mill Landscapes help you select plants, shrubs and trees that are of a top-notch quality and become winners in your landscape. Give us a call at 484.574.4666.

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