Last Updated July 29, 2020

Cider Mill NurseryIf your landscape company doesn’t have its own nursery to cultivate plants, trees and shrubs, you might want to rethink who you choose to create your new or updated landscape design. If the landscaper you may be considering is doing nothing more than buying low-grade plants from a big box store or garden center and putting them in a hole in the ground you should reconsider and explore using a professional outfit that REALLY knows plants.

Here at Cider Mill Landscapes, we have our very own nursery facility on over 20 acres of family-owned land, with 7+ acres designated to our nursery. This isn’t something we just jumped into; this is something we have GROWN into through history. In fact, our name originated from the property being known as “Cider Mill Orchards” until the 1970s.

Since we grow much of what we plant, we know exactly what works for our zone 6 areas. We can ensure that what we put in the ground for you are matched for our temperate climate so that it thrives. If you have deer issues, we can also take that into account as well. You can come out and choose your plants and we can help guide you based on your water and sunlight conditions so you will have a successful garden.

We have a mega-sized assortment of trees, shrubs, and plants. They are cared for by our licensed horticulturist and a team of experts that are trained in their care. These are not plants that just come off a tractor-trailer on a weekly basis and are put up for sale like one of those home improvement stores.

Cider Mill Nursery

Our standards are strict and we don’t deal in second or third-grade plants. Cider Mill Landscapes believes in quality and dependable plants that will become a part of your landscape for years. We don’t need suppliers to just ship us whatever we have in a huge box truck where plants are stuck in too hot conditions with no water or sunlight for days on end, we grow our own varieties that we know are a match for our area and will have a high survival rate and look stunning in the garden.

We provide our customers with lots of choices and a selection of plantings that is far more unique and unusual than the ho-hum pedestrian offerings available at a big box store. We can provide you with distinctive specimens and ornamentals that not everyone on the block in your neighborhood has. If you want a standout shrub or tree of high quality, you will have to give us a visit. Our experts will help you make great choices that are right for your property conditions–whether it’s sunny, shady, dry or wet. We have trained people to give you proper information and not just try to sell you what you don’t need due to a lack of experience and knowledge.

Cider Mill Nursery

Even our canine consultant, Boose, works hard in the nursery!

We have seen these so-called producers shove out hydrangeas, boxwood, and other such plants of low quality that do not generate spectacular flowers or fabulous leaves and are simply meek variations of what they should be. At our 7-acre facility, we take great care in breeding plants that meet high standards and give our homeowners lots of choices to get quality plants not available anywhere else.

We do what it takes to offer our customers plants that can stand the test of time, including adding a holganix tank this spring that will supply vital nutrients to each plant through our irrigation system. Good plants don’t just need to be watered; they also need to be fed. Our plants are grown to flourish and look beautiful in the garden.

Cider Mill LandscapesCome see what we grow! Let Cider Mill Landscapes help you select plants, shrubs, and trees that are of top-notch quality and become winners in your landscape.  If you are in the Media PA, Garnet Valley PA, Glen Mills PA, Rose Valley PA, Swarthmore PA, and Wilmington area in Delaware, give us a call at 484.574.4666.

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