Last Updated December 16, 2020

July Is National UV Safety Awareness MonthThe month of July is UV Safety Awareness Month, and as we all know the sun’s rays are dangerous and can lead to skin cancer if you are not careful. So, the way to delight in the outdoors during the summer and protect yourself is by adding a covered outdoor living structure to your backyard oasis.

A thin material umbrella just doesn’t cut it in terms of blocking UV rays, and it’s certainly a hassle to remember to close it during rain or windstorm. A shaded pergola, covered porch, pool cabana, or covered patio gives you plenty of protection. It also increases the enjoyment of your backyard. While adding dimension to your landscape and hardscape design.

Our custom shade structures allow you to enjoy the outdoors without the worry of dangerous UV rays and provide shelter when inclement weather arises.

Landscaping to Avoid Harmful UV RaysCider Mill Landscapes offers a large portfolio of custom-built options that will incorporate a covered structure over your deck, patio or porch delivering shade and a haven away from the hot sun.

We feel that every backyard space should have an integrated, comfortable shaded area so that homeowners, kids, and even pets can have a spot to enjoy away from harmful UV rays and the heat.

Normally the sunshine is great, but overdo it and it can lead to a sunburn or even worse!

Who wants to sweat all afternoon long, when a covered porch, patio or hardscape, or even a shade pergola can lower the temperature underneath by up to 15 degrees? Even more if you add ceiling fans. What’s the point of a fabulous deck or patio if you can’t use it because it’s just too hot out and exposure to the sun could put you at risk?

Media PA shade pergolasWhen it gets hot outside, there is no need for the sun and heat to hamper your ability to be outside enjoying a breath of fresh air and taking in nature. Cider Mill Landscapes can custom design and build you a covered area that will fit in with the style of your home, and even create a space that you can use all year round protected from whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

In addition, we can increase your level of privacy by screening out nosy neighbors or a busy road. We can help you create the cozy feel of an outdoor room that adds to the intimacy of space and increases the usable square footage of your home. Even if there’s a rainstorm, you can have a romantic dinner with your love under a covered patio! And if you’ve got a green thumb and enjoy keeping potted plants outside, you already know that many cannot handle the direct sun—so a covered area is just the ticket to prevent scorching to delicate leaves.

Media PA shade pegolas

Media PA poolside covered porches

Patio paver stones or a concrete pool deck can get dangerously hot on a sunny day, and the way to prevent someone from getting their feet burned is to add a comfortable covered area that makes staying outdoors safe and pleasant.

A pergola still allows for sunlight to penetrate while still giving you a certain amount of shade; and a full-on roof over your patio, deck, or porch gives you even more coverage against other elements as well. It’s really up to you how much protection from the sun you want, and we can give you the look you want within your budget.

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