About Our Landscape Company

Landscape Company Owner

Bob McCusker

Owner & Operator

Bob McCusker is the owner/operator of Cider Mill Landscape company, and has more than 10 years experience in landscaping. He carefully oversees the details of each design and installation project the company handles. His goal is to provide each client of Cider Mill Landscapes with a uniquely designed landscape that is expertly installed and maintained

Bob graduated from Salesianum High School in Wilmington, DE, and West Chester University in Pennsylvania. During his free time, he enjoys outdoor activities, especially playing sports and coaching basketball.

Hillary Fabe Cider Mill Landscapes

Hillary Fabe

Head of Design & Sales

With 20+ years of design experience, Hillary brings a keen eye for color, texture and cohesion to our landscape company’s team. From drawing out a plan for a perennial garden to designing a new flagstone patio. She is passionate about giving homeowners a truly beautiful aesthetic, while being fully functional and specific to their needs. She loves creating spaces that not only ‘fit the bill’, but go beyond. One of the most important aspects of Hillary’s job, and the one she takes most seriously, is to listen to the homeowner to ensure everything they are looking for is addressed.

She considers herself lucky to work with such a talented and multi-faceted team at Cider Mill Landscapes.

In her free time, she loves hiking, spending time with her Husband and dogs, renovating her home and working on her own artistic endeavors.

Hillary Fabe Cider Mill Landscapes
Joshua Gray Cider Mill Landscapes

Joshua D. Gray

Operations Manager

Josh has over ten years of experience with landscaping companies. Each customer can anticipate friendly service from Josh and his team. Josh is horticulturally knowledgeable, and has an eye for unique designs. He has learned from some of the best nurserymen in the area about how to properly maintain a healthy landscaped garden and outdoor living area. He is educated in all phases of outdoor living. This includes; hardscape projects, water features, construction appeal, and landscape development. Josh takes pride in all the services he provides for each customer and believes their satisfaction is what his reputation is built on.

Josh and his team at Cider Mill Landscapes offer the most efficient, effective, and eco-friendly solutions to all our customers.

Josh is one of five siblings and is soon to be married. He enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and hunting. He loves sports, but family is everything.

We Are Not Like Other Landscaping Companies

At Cider Mill Landscapes, we treat every project as if it were our own home. Working as a team along with our experienced crews, we cover every aspect of the planning and installation process. This ensures our unique custom designed natural stone and landscape installations exceed our clients’ expectations. From elaborate multi-phase projects that incorporate landscaping, hardscaping and low voltage outdoor lighting to expert hand pruning, transplanting of large trees, and professional horticultural and garden maintenance, we handle every aspect of every job with patience and fastidious care.

Our Landscape Company

Cider Mill Landscapes is are a full-service landscape custom design and build firm that specializes in fulfilling the vision of our clients to create an outdoor landscape they can love and enjoy for many years. Serving clients in Delaware, Chester and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania, as well as Northern Wilmington in Delaware, we strive to create natural hardscapes and garden landscapes using only the finest stone and plant materials.

From dimensional and irregular flagstone to LED landscape lighting to custom designed plantings, we at Cider Mill Landscapes use distinctive details to maximize the potential of every project we are fortunate enough to design and install. Our horticultural craftsmen create natural and unique landscape installations that are professionally designed by our experienced, detail-oriented landscape designers.