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Stream Renovation

Stream bridges with Alverson boulders and granite slabs.

This property had a mosquito infested swamp area due to a bridge that was falling apart and clogging. The failing structure was disrupting a natural stream from flowing, and causing flooding problems during rain. Furthermore the land around the stream had become overgrown with weeds and vines and needed an overhaul. The area was unusable, and we wanted to design an area where the homeowner could cross the stream and enjoy area without disturbing the natural environment too much. Edible plants and a vegetable garden were desired.

We demolished old concrete bridge and built a new one using Alverson boulders and a large bridge stone.

This allowed the stream to flow freely again and prevented the flooding. Two smaller bridges were installed along the stream with granite slabs to provide several access points for the customer along the lengthy stream. A water source was also installed.

The surrounding area was cleared and planted with edibles such as Figs, Apple trees, strawberries etc., as well as various natural species of plants. The whole area was finished off with wood-chips to keep a more naturalized look.

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