We Transformed This Mainline, PA, Estate From Wow to Wonderful in Stages

Mainline PA landscape designSometimes the best projects happen over time, like the one Cider Mill Landscapes has been working on at a 20 acre estate right outside of Mainline, PA. Obviously with a property of this size, things don’t happen overnight, but when we’re done it’s going to be an incredible showplace. We are adding a new landscape design which is exciting, but more importantly we’ve been asked by the homeowner to relocate many existing plants, shrubs and large Holly trees, hydrangeas and much more. This requires expertise so as not to harm these legacy plants by damaging their root system or shocking them when they are unearthed and moved. Cider Mill Landscapes utilizes a “drum-lacing” technique when transplanting large specimens such as the ones in this project. The technique involves tying the root balls of the plants to ensure that the roots of the tree/shrub are protected and the rootball stays tight. In addition, fall and winter is the perfect time to  relocates plants and trees since they are in a dormant state and will not get shocked from the transfer to their new spot.

Mainline PA landscape design

The home itself is a stoned exterior knockout, so we wanted to bring in foliage that would complement and soften it in a big way. We installed a privacy screen around the perimeter of the property that utilized a combination of new shrubs and existing ones so that it would have an established appearance. The homeowner wanted us to re-seed the grounds with a high quality fescue grass to give the lawn a refresh and help it thicken. A Christmas tree orchard was also added for the family to enjoy each year.

Mainline PA landscape design

Mainline PA landscape design

Planting beds were revamped with a combination of evergreens and deciduous plants so there would be a rotation of greenery coupled with interesting leaves, flowers and texture throughout the year. The patio area feels like its own oasis encircled by plants that make it feel cozy.

Our sister company Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley is also installing an outdoor lighting scheme featuring low consumption LED lighting thanks to gorgeous high quality fixtures that pair beautifully with the home’s overall style and features. The romantic lighting will illuminate the covered porch that features an outdoor fireplace and stunning stone retaining wall that embraces the space.

Mainline PA landscape design

Cider Mill Landscapes can handle projects of any size, from very small to a large scale estate such as this one in Mainline,PA. Even if your plan is a big one, we can do it in stages over time as your budget and lifestyle allows. We love to offer cost-saving solutions such as moving existing plants and trees that are still in great shape and have plenty of years left in them. Using legacy shrubs give your landscape an established, refined feel, and oftentimes we are able to re-shape them or carefully prune them to ensure they bounce back with vigor come spring. Whether your home is formal like this one, or you’d like a more modern flair, we can give you the outdoor ambiance you are seeking within your landscape.

Cider Mill LandscapesCurrently, we are adding yet another design phase to this majestic property as plans are underway to add landscape materials and nightscapes to the property’s entrance and nearby guest house….stay tuned for more!
Let Cider Mill Landscapes handle your outdoor design and installation plan with our experienced staff. If you are in the Media PA, Garnet Valley PA, Glen Mills PA, Rose Valley PA, Swarthmore PA and Wilmington area in Delaware, give us a call at 484.574.4666. You can also visit our website at cidermilllandscapes.com.

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